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Our Story

This all began with Roe V. Wade. It was at a protest for our rights that People4thePeople was made. One of the original members, upon arriving at the capitol steps nearing the end of the second day of protests, stated that she and some of the other original members couldn't just leave. That they couldn't just go home. From there they rallied together other groups of strangers who agreed and made their way to the steps. 

We occupied the steps for 9 days. It was on July 4th that we were illegally removed from the steps by APD, Capitol Police, and Georgia State Patrol for burning the United States Flag. 

We returned a few weeks later where we occupied the sidewalk in front of liberty plaza for another 9 days before deciding that we could do more!

Now you are likely to find us along the beltline, at protests around the city, providing mutual aid to those in need, and at the city council fighting for those who can't!

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What we Align With

Everyone Deserves Basic Human Rights So:

Black Lives Matter

Give Indigenous People Their Land Back

Your Body, Your Choice

Love is Love

And Most Importantly

ACAB and FUCK 12

Let’s Work Together

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